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Phone Number Search

This is something I threw together quickly one afternoon. Google does not provide great support when doing a phone number search if you don’t format the number correctly. This tool will take a South African phone number, convert it to multiple phone number formats and then perform a Google search. Phone Number Search  

Exploring the deep web

There is a lot more to the web then meets the eye. In fact, approximately a whole 7,500 terabytes of data more! The vast, teeming portion of the World Wide Web that contains websites never imagined or viewed by most web users. This includes the dark, labyrinthine sites providing anything and everything considered illicit or…

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Neat Google Labs ideas

Google Labs is the playground where some of Google’s most popular and successful products are born, e.g. Gmail and Google Calender. While some of the ideas might just be “plain crazy” (their words not mine) it’s still a great place to find the prototypes of the engineers who work at Google. Google Sets Google Sets…

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What does Google know about you

Ever wanted to know what information Google has on you? You can view the ridiculously detailed history of your Google Account (Gmail, Google Docs, Calendar, Checkout, Contacts… much more) in Google Dashboard. The dashboard lists some of the information associated with the Google services you use: your name, your email address, the number of contacts,…

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Using advanced gmail search

Gmail, one of the greatest wonders of the internet! Supercharge your Gmail use with advanced search operators. Advanced search operators are query words or symbols that perform special actions in Gmail search. These operators allow you to find what you’re looking for quickly and accurately. They can also be used to set up filters so…

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