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Have a better YouTube experience

I have previously written about improving your browsing experience with useful userscripts, and bringing back features specifically in YouTube like auto buffering videos. Some of the aforementioned scripts have become outdated, but luckily there is a new userscript/addon you can install to improve your YouTube experience. YouTube Center is an userscript which has been made…

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Turn off comments on SA news websites

Tired of reading bigoted, fundamentalist or any comments at all on SA news websites? Well you’re in luck! I have created a userscript that hides the comments section on these popular SA news sites, allowing you to read the news without accidentally scrolling to the comments section (and potentially damage your IQ). User scripts, or…

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Useful Userscripts

Why would you watch TV in Black and White when you can experience it in colour and high definition? Then why are you experiencing the web as is? has thousands of scripts, lightweight Web Browser applications, created by a community of thousands of developers, that enrich your experience of web sites you already use….

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Youtube Auto Buffer

This Greasemonkey script is great for South African youtube users with 192 or 384 kbps “broadband” ADSL as it makes everyone’s favourite video site autobuffer the videos! You can also set it to playback all videos in HD and hide in-video advertisements. From the description: Buffers the video without autoplaying, removes in-video ads, and puts…

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Facebook Purity

Tired of seeing all those application and quiz crap on Facebook? Well then have I got good news for you! (If you are using Firefox that is. Edit: You can also run scripts in Opera)