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Disable autoplay videos

Have you encountered those annoying autoplaying advertisements, (although I highly recommend you install an ad blocker), or perhaps you don’t want videos to automatically play when you load them on YouTube? Here are some solutions to disable autoplay videos on popular browsers. Disable autoplay videos Chrome Follow these steps to disable autplay videos in Chrome:…

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Create a separate Chrome profile for website testing

If you’re someone who uses Chrome as their primary browser for general browsing and reading the news, but also does website testing, you may have wondered how you can keep your work and your general browsing separate. Chrome has built-in functionality that lets everyone have their own personalized copies of Chrome on the same computer….

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Have a better YouTube experience

I have previously written about improving your browsing experience with useful userscripts, and bringing back features specifically in YouTube like auto buffering videos. Some of the aforementioned scripts have become outdated, but luckily there is a new userscript/addon you can install to improve your YouTube experience. YouTube Center is an userscript which has been made…

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Random featured Wikipedia article

Get a random interesting Wikipedia article every morning when you open your web browser. This method is different from setting your homepage to Wikipedia’s own Special:Random page, which might give you rather mundane articles like an obscure bridge somewhere. This method will give you a random featured article. Step 1 Set the following URL as…

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How to watch blocked videos

Once in a while you may click on an interesting link to Youtube only to find that “This video is not available in your country”. You could be staying pretty much anywhere in the world (except China), but may not be able to watch every video on YouTube – that’s because the content owners have…

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