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Free blank WordPress theme

This ‘Blank’ theme is a bare-bones HTML5 blank WordPress theme perfect for the starting point of any theme development. The structure of a standard WordPress theme is kept with all the usual pages including 404.php, archives.php and so on. This blank WordPress theme is free of almost all style and presentational elements, but includes some…

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Simple WordPress page breadcrumbs

For good looking semantic navigation¬† you will sometimes want to make use of breadcrumb navigation somewhere on your page. This technique is often seen on shopping websites to remind the user where they are exactly, but can also be useful in other contexts. I couldn’t find a working function that would list the parent page…

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Phone Number Search

This is something I threw together quickly one afternoon. Google does not provide great support when doing a phone number search if you don’t format the number correctly. This tool will take a South African phone number, convert it to multiple phone number formats and then perform a Google search. Phone Number Search  


PsyScraper is a simple scraper of psytrance events websites so you can check upcoming parties. I wanted a simple way to view all the upcoming psytrance parties that were happening in my area, so I put together this little mobile website to do just that. You can view listings from 2 popular websites, and find…

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Turn off comments on SA news websites

Tired of reading bigoted, fundamentalist or any comments at all on SA news websites? Well you’re in luck! I have created a userscript that hides the comments section on these popular SA news sites, allowing you to read the news without accidentally scrolling to the comments section (and potentially damage your IQ). User scripts, or…

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