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Free blank WordPress theme

This ‘Blank’ theme is a bare-bones HTML5 blank WordPress theme perfect for the starting point of any theme development. The structure of a standard WordPress theme is kept with all the usual pages including 404.php, archives.php and so on. This blank WordPress theme is free of almost all style and presentational elements, but includes some…

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Have a better YouTube experience

I have previously written about improving your browsing experience with useful userscripts, and bringing back features specifically in YouTube like auto buffering videos. Some of the aforementioned scripts have become outdated, but luckily there is a new userscript/addon you can install to improve your YouTube experience. YouTube Center is an userscript which has been made…

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Turn off comments on SA news websites

Tired of reading bigoted, fundamentalist or any comments at all on SA news websites? Well you’re in luck! I have created a userscript that hides the comments section on these popular SA news sites, allowing you to read the news without accidentally scrolling to the comments section (and potentially damage your IQ). User scripts, or…

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Neat Google Labs ideas

Google Labs is the playground where some of Google’s most popular and successful products are born, e.g. Gmail and Google Calender. While some of the ideas might just be “plain crazy” (their words not mine) it’s still a great place to find the prototypes of the engineers who work at Google. Google Sets Google Sets…

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Install multiple programs at once

Ninite is an awesome website that allows you to silently install multiple programs at once. If you ever had to do a clean format you will understand how useful this is to do! You can select from web browsers, messaging, media, imaging, documents, security, runtimes, file sharing, utilities, compression, developer tools and other applications. After…

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