Install multiple programs at once


Ninite is an awesome website that allows you to silently install multiple programs at once. If you ever had to do a clean format you will understand how useful this is to do. You can select from web browsers, messaging, media, imaging, documents, security, runtimes, file sharing, utilities, compression, developer tools and other applications. After […]

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Desktop enhancement guide

My desktop October 2010

A quick and simple guide on how to enhance your Windows desktop with themes, good looking wallpapers and great applications.

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Useful keyboard shortcuts

People are always amazed at how fast I can move around a computer, and are convinced that this must be because I have spent years with computers combined with lightning speed typing speeds (125 wpm). The key is simply to know your way around the keyboard: If you want to become a truly skilled computer […]

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Quick and dirty wood texture

This tutorial is about making a quick and dirty wood texture using Photoshop’s Fibers Tool, for beginners to advanced users alike. A wood texture can be used when creating organic web interfaces or if you are 3D modelling wood objects. This is probably the shortest tutorial ever, but I believe the end effect is pretty […]

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