Image Resizing Solutions


If you find yourself in that situation where you want to upload photos to an email or a website, you might find that the email gets way too big to send. This error is mostly caused between a combination of the images being too big and a slow internet connection, i.e. most modern high mega-pixel […]

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Have a better YouTube experience


Have a better YouTube experience with YouTube Center: download videos, auto-buffer, center the page, change the default quality and more.

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Download YouTube video with VLC


So you want to save that awesome video you just watched on YouTube and the first thing you probably did was type in Google “how to download YouTube video”? Sure, there are a bunch of awesome websites that allow you to do this, but if you are already a VLC user then you can utilise […]

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PsyScraper is a simple scraper of psytrance events websites so you can check upcoming parties.

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