Emergency boot CD


An emergency Boot CD contains a collection of software that you can use to troubleshoot and repair a wide range of computer problems

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Most addictive and fun flash games


How true is this webcomic from XKCD? I reckon I’ve wasted months of my life playing in-browser flash games… Here are some of my favourite time wasters: (By the way the game shown in the thumb is Missile Game 3D, a classic not shown below) Miami Shark Click here to play Miami Shark Robot Unicorn […]

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Free PDF creators


Use a PDF creator to create professional quality PDF documents from virtually any Windows application with the click of a button

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How to be generally respectful to others

This list was originally titled ‘How to care for introverts‘ but I would say that this can apply to all people, regardless of their personality. From On Introversion by Linda Kreger Silverman: The American dream is to be extraverted. We want our children to be “people who need people.” We want them to have lots […]

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