Blank WordPress theme


This ‘Blank’ theme is a bare-bones HTML5 blank WordPress theme perfect for the starting point of any theme development.

The structure of a standard WordPress theme is kept with all the usual pages including 404.php, archives.php and so on.

This blank WordPress theme is free of almost all style and presentational elements, but includes some “normalization” code for core WordPress elements and some opinionated defaults.


  • Based on HTML5 Boilerplate
  • Normalizing of styles via normalize.css
  • Some core WordPress presentational styles are kept
  • Includes Modernizr
  • Includes optimized tracking code for Google Analytics
  • Conditional targeting for Internet Explorer
  • Useful functions collected in functions.php


Wordpress Blank Theme Preview

WordPress Blank Theme Preview


Just like any other WordPress theme, simply download the latest version, unzip the file, upload it to your ‘themes’ directory, and then activate it through your WordPress admin area to get started.

Download Blank from Github

Latest version: 2.5 (Updated 16/08/14)


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