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Learn the Python programming language

Python is a general-purpose high-level programming language, with remarkable power and a very clear syntax, and perhaps its greatest strength, the standard library. I’ve been wanting to learn Python for a long time now, and found these two excellent resources: PythonTurtle PythonTurtle is probably the lowest-threshold way to learn Python. From the website: PythonTurtle strives…

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Youtube Auto Buffer

This Greasemonkey script is great for South African youtube users with 192 or 384 kbps “broadband” ADSL as it makes everyone’s favourite video site autobuffer the videos! You can also set it to playback all videos in HD and hide in-video advertisements. From the description: Buffers the video without autoplaying, removes in-video ads, and puts…

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Use Google effectively

Google, a household name by now. But how many people know how to use it effectively using these simple tricks? Most of these come from Google’s own help pages. Search is simple: just type whatever comes to mind in the search box, hit Enter or click the Search button, and Google will search the web…

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